2012 - DOS, Hugo Boss Store Galeria Mokotow, Warsaw, Poland, Realization 2012
- DSA AMEAlift, German School of Athens, Greece
- DOS, Hugo Boss Store Zlote Tarasy, Warsaw, Poland, Realization 2012
- DOS, Hugo Boss Stores Bydgoszcz, Krakow, Lodz, Lublin, Poland, Realization 2012
- Ecoweek, Greenhouse Metamorfosi, Athens, Greece

2011 - FOC, Hugo Boss Factory Outlet Center Athens-Spata, Greece, Realization
- DIO, energetic actions for residence, Dionyssos, Attica, Greece
- KRI, City Apartment, Athens-Kolonaki, Greece
- CLEF, EcoRings in the Park, Clermont Ferrand, Europan 12, France
- Join HUGO World, design competition, Berlin, Germany
- AdMa, City Apartment Bonn, Germany, Realization

2010 - HEL, Helmania Booth Green Building Expo, Athens, Greece
- GESol, Office and storage spaces, Athens – Nea Filadelfia, Greece
- FRIDI Cemetery Dionyssos, Attica, Greece
- ASK, Cube Apartment Athens-Nea Smyrni, Greece
- DSAni, Changing facilities German School of Athens, Greece
- SOL, City Apartment Cologne, Germany

2009 - MaxView - LandscapeCity, Montreux, Europan 10, Suisse
- DROU, energetic roofscape renovation, N.Voutsas, Attica, Realization 2010
- MACT, Mosaic Atrium Cube, Int. Architectural Competition, Teheran, Iran
- Realization of Polo Ralph Lauren and Strellson SiS, Athens, Patras, Greece - in collaboration with Knoblauch GmbH
- KiGa, Kindergarten DSA, Closed Competition, Athens, Greece, 2nd Prize

2008 - DOL, Dolphin Officespace, Athens, Greece - in collaboration with archiplus architects
- Winery Opsimos Gymno, Nemea, Greece - V. Opsimos
- PT 95, SEGM Competition
- Contract negotiation for General Planning Services for the Redevelopment of the German Embassy in Athens, Greece
- SpaArt Hotel in Aidipsos, Greece – in collaboration with KK Construction

2007 - ZaPOC, Dental & Oral Surgery Practice, Münster-Steinfurt, Germany - Dr. P. Heers
- LINDI, Tanzania, ARES - International Idea Competition T.E.E. UIA, 2007
- WHKO, Wine house Koutsi, Nemea, Corinth, Greece
- Vertical Density, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Competition, Awarded

2006 - PIZ, Practice Centre for Implantology, Peridontology, Prosthetics, Aachen, Germany
- MoCu Monocuisina, Athens – Marousi, Greece
- LiCu Light Cuisine, Athens, Greece
- UTeDe1, urban terrace deck, Athens, Greece
- Villa Theologos, Greece - Fa. Spagakos, in collaboration with XSarchitect

2005 - SHO, Stone House O, Marathon - Shoinias, Greece
- PAH, Parking at Attiko Hospital, Athens, Greece, Technical Study_E,A
- Vita juice bar, A_ in collaboration with hhharchitects
- Exhibition booths for presentation in Brazil, Amsterdam, Singapore, Paris, London, Dubai, for SUNLIGHT, INTRACOM, Hellenic Aerospace Industry, E_ in collaboration with XSarchitect
- Monospace, Athens Maroussi, Greece, A_ with hhharchitects
- Bakalou House, Plaka - Athens, Greece - A_ with hhharchitects
- Lukabar, Psiri - Athen, Greece - A_ in collaboration with hhharchitects
- Tinos – Houses 1, Greece - E_ in collaboration with XSarchitect
  till   2004 - HI171, Metropolitan Island Park, Athens - Hellenikon, Greece, 2004 Competition_ A+
- G & K Residence, Athens – Kifissia, 2004-2005, A_ with hhharchitects
- Biofresh S.A, Juice Production, Spart, Greece, 2004, A_ with hhharchitects
- ZPD, Dental Practice in Düsseldorf, Germany
- MuZA, Antwerp Music Centre, Belgium, 2004 Design_ E
- HIP-Cologne, IFHP World Congress Vienna, 2003 International Competition_ E+
- SEGE, Sensual Generator, Athens, Greece, 2002 Competition_ A+
- SHD, Sporthotel Düsseldorf, Germany, 2002 Design_ E
- ZOB- central bus station, Emsdetten Germany, 2000-2003, A_ for OX2architekten
- Arc meets Stripes, Bologna, Italy, 2001, Design_ E+
- LORspace, Franfurt, 2001-2002, A_ for OX2architekten
- Peppermint docks, Prage, Czechia,2001-2002, A_ for OX2architekten
- Hybrid Landscape, Arhus Havn, Denmark, 1999 Competition_ A+
- Urban Tissue, Sarajevo Concert Hall, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1999 Competition_ A+
- K53 Student Residential Complex Aachen, Germany, 1998 Design_ A