alias architects O.E. is a company with high experience on private and public architecture, urban structure and intersections.

The international action-field with current project performances in Greece, Germany and Poland makes us offer our knowledge, research, planning and management services and qualities for varied topics in Europe and even beyond that.

alias architects were established in 2005 in Athens with a dependence in Cologne as continuation and coexistence of individuals - aliases and team players with permanent focus on innovative development, international standards and future orientation.

services : design for architecture, urban structure and intersections
development, conceptual design
master and strategic planning
integrative architectural, permit and construction design
project development and consulting
project and construction management
realization and construction supervision, monitoring,
visualization, presentation
research and feasibility expertise studies
project and construction management
realization and construction supervision, monitoring
marketing, real estate and investment consulting
contact, mediation and networking

Our total building solutions base on bioclimatic and energy efficient parameters, follow sustainable rules and are the result of synergetic design and construction procedures.

From individual services up to turn-key solution projects, from energetic renovation and maintenance of existing buildings up to the creation of new building and urban planning we can be the office for total architecture for our clients.

alias architects gives your project a new identity, a new name

alias architects thrives for a better world