AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa
AdMa, City Apartment, Bonn, Germany

client : AdMa
site area : -
floor area : 100,00 m2
build up area : -
levels : 1
volume : 315,00 m3

start of planning : 05. 2011
start of construction : 06. 2011
completion : 07. 2011
services : idea, conceptual & preliminary design, project management and consulting

idea and concept:
A new unique look is made with the new wooden oak plank floor throughout all spaces of the city-apartment. The new interior design hot spots - the new accessible open plan kitchen - create in connection with diner and living spots the new , very comfortable linear living space.

Renovation and refurbishment of the old apartment spaces and sanitary facilities are all made under architectonic and sustainable aspects.
The input of new low energy technical and mechanical equipments as well as the new light concept with eye-spots and light bars give every room sequence its unique and delighted touch.