DSAni Sport Changing facilities, Athens - Maroussi, Greece

client : German School Athens
site area : -
floor area : 56,00 m2
build up area : -
levels : 1
volume : 170,00 m3

start of planning : 06. 2010
start of construction : 07. 2010
completion : 09. 2010
services : idea, conceptual & preliminary design, supervision

idea and concept:
The aim of a total renovation of DSAni gave the opportunities to rethink and reorganize the functionality and look of the existing spaces according to today’s standards and needs. The changing facilities are given new sanitary and shower equipment behind translucent PMMA panel walls.
The new set of horizontal openings to the main sport hall enlightens the rooms with natural light and gives new visual connections between main sport hall and working desks and facilities.
The input of very few new materials, the new color concept and smart static furniture helps the spaces to get a completely new refurbishment look and a new highlight within schools daily routine and sport action.