K53 - Student Residential Complex, Aachen, Germany
client : n.n.
site area : 3.320 sqm
floor area : 10.140 sqm
built up area : 1.100 sqm
cubage : 33.900 cbm
outdoor space plate : 2.260 sqm
underground parking 40 spaces : 1.100 sqm
time of planning : 04-06.1998
idea, preliminary & presentation design _A

idea and concept :
- Residential complex, urban leisure and work spaces and facilities interconnected with an artificial topography - plate
- flexible residential apartments with common and private exterior spaces
- cohesion of site and buildings with the inclined, semi public plate as an urban activity platform
- the plate - public garden and free space
- unifying element for building complex and residents, mediation of living and working
- urban coherence of historic block, accesses and passageways