Urban Tissue - Sarajevo Concert Hall, BA Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Int. Design Competition of the Biennal of Young Artists of Europe & Mediterranean 1999 in Rome
urban tissue elements
site area : 10.000 sqm
built up area : 4.500 sqm
music fold/ 1st band : 2.200 sqm
public fold/ 2nd band : 5.000 sqm
music library, shops : 750 sqm
intercontinental restaurant : 850 sqm
cubage : 35.000 cbm
echorooms : 500 sqm
open space & amphitheatre : 1.400 sqm
landscape park : 4.100 sqm
time of planning : 03.1999-05.1999
idea, preliminary & presentation design : A _gusa

participation on touring exhibition ´50best´and exhibition catalogue
idea and concept:
- interaction of two architectural folds - music ribbon, public ribbon - and creation of public music spaces
- urban tissue implant into present city structure
- interlinkage of arriving urban motion and inter connection of adjacent city quarters & functions
- functional cells and intercellular substance - a piece of intact tissue - creating of a cultural centre by connecting present and future city sites, a spacial unit, the concert-hall of Sarajevo