SEGE, Sensual Generator, ephemeral structure for stimulation of the senses City of Athens, Greece
International Design Competition for the Cultural Olympiad 2004 Athens

client : Hellenic Ministry of Culture
site area : cityscape intersections
floor area : 480 sqm
built up area : 140 sqm
sensual areas : 820 sqm
performance - sky crossing level, +4.20 m : 340 sqm
relax - sun roof level +8.40 m : 340 sqm
exhibition - blue and green areas : 140 sqm
cubage : 3.100 cbm
time of planning : 10.-11.2002
idea, preliminary & presentation design, documentation_A as g-u-s-a
idea and concept:
- sensual generator for urban activity pause
- a recharger for emotion and stimulation of senses and energy reproducer for the passer,
- urban performance bridge and sky crossing over street and crossing spaces
- continuous space for performance, exhibition, relax, blue and green area
- sensual material : lavender, chaff, ivy-covered, bamboo, spring water / shingle, sand, water, fluids
- sensual atmospheres: beach, shore, coast, lighthouse, sound, image / clearing, glade, woods, meadow, pasture, sound, image
- self resolving construction with flexible, modular system as a sustainable regenerative parasite...
technical description:
- primary construction : bamboo (bambusae) l= 9,8m, d= 8cm, s= 6-12cm
- secondary construction : high grade steel wire-mesh, type: omega 1520
- axes raster : 1.20 x
- standardized steel materials, sensual fittings and fillings

sensual fittings and fillings:
sensors : herbs (i.e. lavender), chaff, ivy, bamboo, grass, leaves, shingle, sand, water
virtual sensor : high end led screens and video beam equipment, sound systems, smoke canons, high end multi media devices
other equipment : furniture designed for regeneration and leisure activities