Finding the Best Strategy Parameters: An Introduction to Optimization Algorithms

This is a way for new traders to gain insight into trading from the experienced traders already on the platform. Also, Experienced traders can use this to make money as they can charge for their services. If your primary goal is to hold onto your assets for a long-term investment, then you are likely an investor. If your primary goal is to buy and sell assets in order to make short-term gains, then you’re a trader. Trend following aims to identify trends in the market and trading in the same direction as the trend.

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  • In the following tutorial, we’ll introduce you to the basics of bot creation as well as take a deeper dive into fine tuning and backtesting your bot once it’s been created.
  • Now, ETC is used to power transactions and smart contracts on Ethereum Classic’s network.
  • There are a number of common chart and candlestick patterns that you’ll often encounter online or in books, and at times it can be good to know what they mean.

This cycle had a knock-on effect that sent both tokens on a race to the bottom. Terraform Lab’s algorithm even managed to weather the bearish period that started during the first quarter of 2022. However, in May 2022, something happened that caused investors to dump large quantities of UST. While the exact cause is unclear, tokenizer360.com it pushed UST to lose its peg to the dollar and set off the chain of events that crashed LUNA’s value. It’s important to note that the 2022 crash isn’t only affecting cryptocurrencies. The global stock market has also suffered as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, inflationary fears, and interest rate hikes.

So, Bayesian optimization is ideal when dealing with objective functions that are expensive to evaluate, where the number of parameters is relatively small and you don’t want to assume anything about the objective function. The rationale is to explore the parameter space in a uniform way with a limit of n guesses. Despite being a quite simplistic approach, it’s still valuable when there is absolutely no assumption about the objective function. In order to generate these plots, we simply calculated a lot of combinations for the two parameters (360,000!), an unfeasible approach in most cases, where evaluating one point is very time-consuming or when there are too many parameters.

For example, you might want the bot to buy a crypto when its price drops below a certain level or sell a crypto when its price rises above a certain level. Depending on a variety of reasons, ranging from security concerns to something as pedestrian as maintenance, exchanges can choose to disable their cryptocurrency wallets temporarily either for the entire platform or individually. Most cryptocurrency exchanges will have a fixed page where you can find out whether the wallet you need is on- or offline. If offline, the page might also tell you when it should be back online, and so it is always worth verifying before making any trades. Investing with dollar-cost averaging is similar to setting up a recurring order on a cryptocurrency exchange.

This loss occurs because the value of the tokens may fluctuate during the time they are locked up in the protocol, potentially resulting in a loss when they are withdrawn. Impermanent losses are not actualized until liquidity is withdrawn from the pool, and the actual loss experienced may vary depending on the change in token prices throughout the duration of liquidity provision. The crypto from yield farming is deposited in liquidity pools to provide liquidity for the protocol, ensuring seamless trading, lending, and borrowing. Note that when you deposit your crypto in a yield farm, you are essentially a liquidity provider (LP). In turn, you earn passive income from the fees earned by the DeFi protocol, even in a bear market.


Trading Beasts anticipates continued positive price movements into 2024, with LTC achieving $100.17 before closing out the year at $80.14. Things get a bit complicated when considering some of the finer details, though. For example, the layering of payment protocol Lightning on top of Bitcoin should make for faster transactions, possibly solving BTC’s scalability problem and blunting the argument in favor of LTC and its faster speeds. Initially released with 150 pre-mined coins, Litecoin’s total supply stands at 84 million coins. The current circulating supply of Litecoin is 71,259,806.28 LTC or roughly 85% of its total number of coins.

You need more specialized knowledge for technical analysis than you do with fundamental analysis, but it’s worth investing the time and energy into understanding indicators. If manually trading crypto is like flying blind, then technical analysis is akin to flying a plane according to charts and precise coordinates. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of technical analysis in crypto.

In addition to its user-friendly interface, the platform promotes learning and advancement for crypto traders within its community driven infrastructure. And our powerful backtester ensures that the viability of your ideas is assessed quickly and comprehensively, empowering you with the information that you need to trade profitably. Knowing when to enter and exit a trade is crucial, as a great entry can translate into nice profits, while a smart exit should be an important part of your risk management strategy.

Despite having to rub shoulders with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, among many others with real-world value and use cases, meme tokens have proven that they can hold their own. Dogecoin remains at the top with a total market cap exceeding 80 billion USD. Meme tokens are virtual currencies that work like other cryptocurrencies.